Fountains of Wayne

London show! Exclusive details...

cow tipper - 2004-7-1 at 06:48 AM

... are over at - top right, news section.


fountaingirl - 2004-7-4 at 11:07 AM

bump. even though i can't go.

cow tipper - 2004-7-4 at 02:53 PM

thanks. looks like nobody is interested!

and so soon after 'the hit'....

sherb - 2004-7-4 at 03:01 PM

I checked out DIS and read the article when the message was first posted. That is great news for everyone in the UK who can get to the show.

I guess with every new Fountains of Wayne show I read about it just adds to my level of frustration at not being able to see them myself :(

penguin avatar

Roseland - 2004-7-5 at 06:49 AM

Cowtipper, I just wanted to say that your penguin avatar is the best! Thanks for a laugh this morning!