Fountains of Wayne

Trucks - new song

Alex H - 2013-8-25 at 11:34 AM

"This is a song about's called Trucks", hehe.

Fountains of Wayne have recorded a song for a new illustrated songbook called Frog Trouble:

More info on the songbook:

If you have young kids you know what to buy them for their next birthday. :)

sherb - 2013-8-25 at 05:34 PM

A new Fountains of Wayne song. Always something to celebrate. :thumbs:

Wonder who wrote it? It's country, which makes me lean towards Chris.

SilentRunning - 2013-8-26 at 02:18 AM

I think you might be right that it is Chris. He has a command of certain words that give him his individuality but he does not get bogged down with them. Added to that the chord sequence really reminds me of Fire in the Canyon!

I really like the tune and it adds to the ever growing bundle of unreleased material.

I wonder where and when they recorded it? If anyone does buy the album and it says then that would be interesting to know.

nhsgary - 2013-8-26 at 12:09 PM

For what it is, I like it. It doesn't really sound like Fountains of Wayne. Chris' voice sounds "different" somehow. If you played that to me and said, "This is a famous band" I wouldn't have guessed that it was Fountains of Wayne.

intown2007 - 2013-8-26 at 05:17 PM

meh. kermit shits all over this with rainbow connection.

supermati - 2013-8-27 at 06:25 PM

Great news. Nice song.

supermati - 2013-8-27 at 06:27 PM

*Double Post

Flyscorpio - 2013-8-28 at 04:49 AM

I remember reading several of Sandra Boynton's books as a child. I'm not really put off by the fact that it's targeted toward children; I would still buy that book/CD.

Especially since Dwight Yoakam, Ryan Adams, Ben Folds, and Alison Krauss also make appearances on this.