Fountains of Wayne

It's been...

fountainlover - 2011-6-12 at 07:09 PM

4 years since anyone's posted in here...oh wait.

sherb - 2011-6-13 at 01:57 AM

Wonder what Shane and Gianna are up to these days.......?

fountainlover - 2011-6-13 at 04:58 AM

I haven't seen or heard of them since the Stacy's Mom video. I guess they'll be all grown up now.

sooperfantastic - 2011-6-13 at 03:30 PM

It took me a few minutes to remember who Shane Haboucha is. What a funny name that kid has. I can't say I often wonder what he or the girl are doing, but I do often find myself wondering what the kid with the bunny on the first album cover is doing...or who he even is.

fountainlover - 2011-6-13 at 04:47 PM

I remember Shane being on an episode of That's So Raven years ago.

I really should look both of them up on IMDB or Wikipedia but, you know, I have a life.

Stuporcollider - 2011-6-13 at 05:27 PM


Shanes last gig was a voice part for Justice League in 2008.

Gianna has done nothing other than the Fountains of Wayne video according to IMDB. In fact any pictures of her on the web are screen shots from Stacey's Mom, including her MYspace page.

fountainlover - 2011-6-13 at 05:35 PM

Thanks for that Stupor! :thumbs:

I guess being in a Fountains Of Wayne video doesn't guarantee the super stardom you'd think it would.

SilentRunning - 2011-7-10 at 04:24 AM

Man the pink on this part of the site is really hurting my eyes!

SilentRunning - 2011-7-13 at 01:42 PM

Man, I have just spent about 5 minutes reading some of these topics. They are priceless!

sherb - 2012-12-26 at 03:17 PM

Excellent archival material in here, that's for sure.

I wonder whatever happened to Gianna and the Bouch.

Flyscorpio - 2012-12-26 at 09:15 PM

Quote: Originally posted by sherb  

I wonder whatever happened to Gianna and the Bouch.

I saw a picture of of what someone claimed to be Gianna (now) on Tumblr. Through further research, I discovered that it was actually Kiki Kannibal and we are back to square one.

Shane stopped acting in 2008 and is currently in college (according to Wikipedia).

Last thing Gianna did (according to imdb) was a low budget short about a Hispanic crab or something (in 2007).


Urban Dictionary: Gianna Distenca

Not all that funny, but... I guess it kind of rings true...

I hope she's not dead or something... :godwhy: