Fountains of Wayne


PleaseWithC - 2004-3-19 at 09:15 PM

Please let me know if there are too many (if your pages are loading too slow) or if you want more (I have more I can enable, or if you know of one you want).


~*sugadiva*~ - 2004-3-20 at 02:23 AM

:rant: :) :D ;) :cool: :mad: :o :P :( :aghast: :thumbs: :lol: :makeout: :confused:
OMIG!! MORE MORE MORE!!!!! :mooning: :dammit: :damn: :driving: :inlove: :no: :sulk: :pimp: :confused:
i lUV EM!!
:vomit: :kiss: :boing: :backflip :cheers: :clap: :crying: :driving: :banoonoo: :erm: :idea: :flaming: :happydance: :kitty:

p.s I LUV SHANE HABOUCHA!!! :inlove:

Mills! - 2004-3-20 at 09:55 AM

Good God LLL! Do you realize that you have made this board into Billings???
Those damn smiliews are the Messageboard equivalent of Meth!
I like the vomiting one
(dont make me call Ibank!)

Mills! - 2004-3-20 at 09:56 AM

nice thouch tho!

~*sugadiva*~ - 2004-3-21 at 01:36 AM

sorry........i think i went abit over the top then!!
i think there is just the right amount of smilies!.......any more and it would be too crowded!

sherb - 2007-1-20 at 04:26 AM

I think this is a better "rolleyes" graphic, if you are able to replace the existing one:

sherb - 2008-9-10 at 05:14 AM

Just following up on my replacement rolleyes suggestion. ;)