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The Interviews, Articles & Reviews Thread
[quote][i]Originally posted by intown2007[/i]
[URL= ...
2011-9-6 at 02:23 PM
by: soundczech
Sky Full Of Holes - Post-Release Discussion Thread
well i guess it explains why my preorder from the record shop hasnt arrived.
2011-8-25 at 04:05 AM
by: soundczech
New recording available: Brighton Music Hall Allston, MA 2011-08-13
[quote][i]Originally posted by Samuel_70[/i]
[quote][i]Originally posted by sherb[/i]
Nice to hear ...
2011-8-22 at 02:46 AM
by: soundczech
Random Fountains of Wayne Musings
i actually told someone once not to bother with bowling shoes.

oh did i laugh
2011-8-22 at 02:42 AM
by: soundczech
The "Random Thoughts About Previous Albums" Thread
Flyscoprio wins the award for coolest parents.
2011-8-10 at 03:02 PM
by: soundczech
Favourite song from Sky Full Of Holes?
I defy anyone to crank radio bar up and [u]not[/u] get tingles in their special place in the last 20 ...
2011-8-10 at 03:38 AM
by: soundczech
Fifth Anniversary
[quote][i]Originally posted by andy[/i]
Anyone remember that bsides and rarities site ? It was a gr ...
2011-8-10 at 03:31 AM
by: soundczech
The "Random Thoughts About Previous Albums" Thread
First fountains song i ever heard was strangely Janice's Party.
A highschool mate of mine started a ...
2011-8-10 at 03:21 AM
by: soundczech
in the grand tradition...
hey sherb glad to see you are still flying the flag. your xmas cards are always appreciated.
such a ...
2011-8-10 at 03:07 AM
by: soundczech
in the grand tradition...
...of disliking a new fountains of wayne record upon first listen, my immediate thoughts of sky full ...
2011-8-9 at 03:11 PM
by: soundczech
If they won't come to me...
I'll come to them.

Yes thats right- i'm packing my trusty travel pack, my gal and an open mind, a ...
2008-11-18 at 01:59 AM
by: soundczech
new Fountains of Wayne date
2008-10-22 at 05:11 AM
by: soundczech
They said it! Not me!
i like the horns on traffic.
more please.
2008-10-22 at 05:10 AM
by: soundczech
New Merchandise
getting too hibrow for my liking.

2007-6-18 at 10:24 PM
by: soundczech
my birthday is on groundhog day which has no bearing on me considering i live in australia and have ...
2007-6-18 at 10:21 PM
by: soundczech
For All Those Aussie Fans - Someone To Love on Rage Tonight
dang, missed it, but thanks for the heads up Sherb... i'll have to set the tape for next weekend!
2007-6-18 at 10:15 PM
by: soundczech
Myspace etc...
[quote][i]Originally posted by sooperfantastic[/i]
Oh...snap. Soundczech, if I were you, I would ta ...
2007-6-5 at 12:43 AM
by: soundczech
Myspace etc...
Random Guy and Sherb.
Consider yourselves accosted.
Myspace style.
2007-6-2 at 12:25 AM
by: soundczech
Myspace etc...
[quote][i]Originally posted by Another Girl[/i]
Perhaps both. Only trouble is, I am up to 333 frie ...
2007-5-29 at 12:15 AM
by: soundczech
Myspace etc...
hey ag will you be my friend?

either that or mortal enemy.

your choice.
2007-5-28 at 04:22 AM
by: soundczech
Myspace etc...
hey, i joined the commercial whoreing facility known as myspace. ...
2007-5-27 at 12:59 AM
by: soundczech
FoW in TIME magazine
so in that case dc owes me money?

The Sherb has spoken
2007-5-26 at 01:21 AM
by: soundczech
Next Single - Fans Choice
2007-5-26 at 01:19 AM
by: soundczech
The next CD...????
what about Live from Mars- Ben Harper?

great live record.
2007-5-26 at 01:16 AM
by: soundczech
Make the Red Light Blink
yeah not holding my breath for another aussie tour. cant understand why they wont come back?

They ...
2007-5-23 at 05:42 AM
by: soundczech
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