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Sense Into You
I don't know if anyone still looks at this thread but I love Sense into You and I've lost it while g ...
2008-4-7 at 12:07 PM
by: funkymunky
Can't stand prosperity?
[quote][i]Originally posted by fountainlover[/i]
Oranges make me sick but I like apples :banoonoo:[ ...
2007-9-20 at 02:11 PM
by: funkymunky
Favorite Member 2
I also had that whole 'omg lead singer with an amazing voice' thing

But it's gotta be Brian, he ...
2007-9-5 at 02:10 PM
by: funkymunky
What Was Number One On The Day of Your Birth?
Vogue- Madonna (UK)
Nothing Compares To You-Sinead O Conner (USA)
Opposites Attract- Paula Abdul ( ...
2007-9-2 at 01:50 PM
by: funkymunky
Ooooh well done! I got an A in english lit, biology and theatre studies, and a B in chemistry... on ...
2007-8-17 at 12:21 PM
by: funkymunky
Is anyone else getting exam reults back around nowish?

I was going to wear my Fountains of Wayne t-shirt for goo ...
2007-8-16 at 03:01 PM
by: funkymunky
Where has it gone wrong for Fountains of Wayne?
there was some Radio2 programme on Fountains of Wayne a few weeks back I think
but it was mid saturday afternoon a ...
2007-8-12 at 02:12 PM
by: funkymunky
UK Tour
I was second row... kinda ... most of my photos have a guy's head in front

i spent the whole time ...
2007-7-18 at 02:02 PM
by: funkymunky
UK Tour
Yeah I'm pretty sure that it would be 2009, I always presumed it would come around after 3ish years
2007-7-17 at 01:34 PM
by: funkymunky
UK Tour
these photos from the Manchester show seem like they were taken with you standing suspeciously close ...
2007-7-16 at 02:01 PM
by: funkymunky
UK Tour
I half want them to come to Birmingham for convenience,

but at the same time I don't want to be a ...
2007-7-9 at 01:43 PM
by: funkymunky
How Important Is The Lyrical Content of Fountains of Wayne Songs To You?
I love Fountains of Wayne because of the all-round mixture, they have both clever lyrics and fantastic melodies, I ...
2007-7-4 at 02:26 PM
by: funkymunky
Break Up?
OMG I am SO glad someone else at the Manchester gig thought that Adam was being left out

the othe ...
2007-6-12 at 01:27 PM
by: funkymunky
New Merchandise
oh you're cute astoriagigguy!

I bought [IMG] ...
2007-5-29 at 01:15 PM
by: funkymunky
your photos are so good, I am extremely gutted I didn't get any quality time like that
except brian ...
2007-5-26 at 02:53 PM
by: funkymunky
I went to the Manchester show and happened to see Jody and Brian just walking in the streets before ...
2007-5-21 at 01:24 PM
by: funkymunky
dublin last night
Aw man I can't wait till Sunday night!

What's crowd size like?
2007-5-18 at 02:49 PM
by: funkymunky
email replys...
I would have killed for sheep and football!

I thought he was webmaster.. but I didn't expect a re ...
2007-5-14 at 01:41 PM
by: funkymunky
email replys...
I'm sure there is buried in the depths a thread about this but I don't have time to search...

I t ...
2007-5-13 at 01:38 PM
by: funkymunky
new tour dates
is anyone from Birmingham aiming for the London // Manchester shows?

I'm trying to balance logic ...
2007-5-8 at 02:39 PM
by: funkymunky
Late 92 Prodrive.

I ran out and bought it and savoured it

It's beautiful

And now I'll ha ...
2007-5-7 at 01:50 PM
by: funkymunky
Can't we all just get along?
yeah I clearly think too much sorry
2006-6-29 at 12:58 PM
by: funkymunky
Can't we all just get along?
it must be summer strikes me as more a standout Fountains of Wayne anthem than troubled times because they make jol ...
2006-6-21 at 11:01 AM
by: funkymunky
Least favorite Fountains of Wayne song
I have to admit I love Hung up on you, its one of my favourites
And I do love Stacy's mom, seeing a ...
2006-6-5 at 10:07 AM
by: funkymunky
I Am Posting A New Thread Because....
I am posting

because I havn't for ages :(
2005-11-22 at 11:23 AM
by: funkymunky
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