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Adam Schlesinger's Birthday Card
[color=Green]happy birthday to Adam!!![/color]:dreamy:
2005-10-28 at 01:40 AM
by: funkymunky
Video downloads
i cant get sink to the bottom to work ?

but hey, thanks so much for the Denise! :D
2005-9-7 at 01:04 PM
by: funkymunky
about Hackensack...
i thought it was just more made up, not written about a celebrity in particular, maybe some truth in ...
2005-9-4 at 12:52 AM
by: funkymunky
Favorite Fountains of Wayne song
i like that idea, it could be good entertainment, who gets mexican wine

you can be jerry
2005-9-3 at 02:50 PM
by: funkymunky
Whats your favorite Fountains of Wayne song on OOSP
Definatly The Girl I Can't Forget

I love a lot of the covers though, like You're never satisfied, ...
2005-9-1 at 10:45 AM
by: funkymunky
Favorite Fountains of Wayne song
i love the girl i cant forget, and felt mean for not voting for it over mexican wine.
but i cant de ...
2005-9-1 at 02:11 AM
by: funkymunky
The Highlight Of My Day
i was in forbidden planet, up by Oasis market. Nostalgia sells better comics!

It was very excitin ...
2005-8-30 at 01:12 PM
by: funkymunky
The Highlight Of My Day
old topic, but i had to post this

I was standing in a comic/nerdy store in Birmingham, UK, and th ...
2005-8-27 at 07:24 AM
by: funkymunky
Smashing Pumpkins Reuniting?
But without D'arcy and Iha, its NOT THE SMASHING PUMPKINS

then its just Zwan.

I dont want zwan ...
2005-7-2 at 01:07 AM
by: funkymunky
I OWN IT!!!!!!!
YEAH! I got it yesterday evening and it is brilliant!

Ok so It makes me wish I hadnt bought the o ...
2005-7-2 at 01:04 AM
by: funkymunky
Smashing Pumpkins Reuniting?
I saw the Corgan album today and was desperate to buy it for the low low price of 10.97.
but i did ...
2005-6-26 at 09:35 AM
by: funkymunky
I also just got make believe. I dont think its that great really, I love the first four songs but af ...
2005-6-23 at 10:46 AM
by: funkymunky
Smashing Pumpkins Reuniting?
I was so excited on reading that.

But I think its more excitment that I would love to go s ...
2005-6-23 at 10:43 AM
by: funkymunky
personally i like the whole human chain around building idea
2005-6-16 at 10:31 AM
by: funkymunky
Chris on stage
no offense but its lucky if he doesnt read this forum because that guy could go home crying.:shrug:
2005-6-11 at 12:55 AM
by: funkymunky
Chris on stage
i think i have a thing for guys with parkinsons then...

chris collingwood (if he has it)
my anci ...
2005-6-10 at 10:43 AM
by: funkymunky
aNy0nE hAvE a LiVeSTrONg bRaCeLett ... ?
i want a THINK GEEK wrist band... it seems cute

oooh today i saw a catalogue for 'power bands', s ...
2005-6-10 at 10:41 AM
by: funkymunky
Will there be a music video for Maureen?
I'm not sure if they will... they didnt for 'hey julie', but i do hope so
2005-6-5 at 01:01 AM
by: funkymunky
Happy Birthday to JoPo 30 today!
i thought he was about 3/4 years older... really shocked me actually, especially compared to the oth ...
2005-5-26 at 11:33 AM
by: funkymunky
Anyone own the DVD Singles? (Stacy's Mom & Mexican Wine)
i could never find any of them, been searching for mexican wine for ages but i assumed it was never ...
2005-5-26 at 11:30 AM
by: funkymunky
I wanna do
it scares me just how excited people get over them


they do nothing for me... guess ...
2005-5-22 at 11:54 AM
by: funkymunky
and on that note...
does anyone have the Fountains of Wayne Japanese tour poster that they would be willing to se ...
2005-5-22 at 11:50 AM
by: funkymunky
I wanna do
why do the annoying :banoonoo:s seem to be multiplying?
2005-5-21 at 01:02 AM
by: funkymunky
How do I...
how do i get an avatar???

im sure the answer is pretty obvious, but the way i get avatars normall ...
2005-5-19 at 02:02 PM
by: funkymunky
"Star Wars, nothing but Star Wars..."
i havnt seen it yet either :damn:

or the hitch hikers guide to the galaxy even though i was so ex ...
2005-5-19 at 01:49 PM
by: funkymunky
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